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Universal Political Party

Candidates can and do

use their own money and 

thereby buy the nomination.

The Playing Field is level.

Each candidate pledges not

to use their own money in a


The party sets a budget but part members are not assessed dues

but agree to support the candidate the party chooses.

The party sets a budget

and assesses each member

a proportionate share which is paid as dues.

Party agrees to and will accept donations within legal limits.

Party agrees not to accept

private donations

Party solicits funds from contributors who then expect favors in return.

Party does not solicit funds

from contributors.

Candidates have the option to

accept taxpayer funds.

Candidates agree not to

apply for any taxpayer


Candidates can accept donations

within the legal limit

Candidates agree not to

accept donations.

Candidates can and solicit as many as they want and can get.

Candidates agree not to

personally solicit funds.

Of the 16-plank platform of the Universal Political Party:

10 planks are based on the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses;

2 planks are based on the Two Commandments given us by Jesus Christ;

1 plank incorporates the Conpendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church for guidance only;

1 is based on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; and

1 is based on capitalism with morality.

1 is based on the Liberty System 

At their last presidential nominating convention, the Democratic Party overwhelmingly rejected putting the word "God" in their platform but the chairman without the majority voice vote that was necessary, ruled to include it.  The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule once were, but are not now the basis of our civil and criminal laws and the culture of the United States.  Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have been complicit in this happening during the last half century. 

​        The Liberty System and the Universal Political Party were both created by Barbara and John A. Del Buono who co-authored the book, ​The Cheated Generations.

​The Democratic Party is totally committed to abortion on demand and the Republican Party, in its "big tent", gives lip service to abolishing abortion but does nothing concrete to abolish abortion when it has had the power to do so during the last forty years since Roe v. Wade was decided.

​Abortion violates the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill". Until the (unconstitutional) decision of Roe. v. Wade it was a crime to have an abortion.  We want to reaffirm and restore the Constitutional rights of an unborn child to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These rights were endowed by our Creator to every person whether born or as yet, in its mother's womb.

    Every person in the United States of America is now being cheated out of the lifestyle our Country had for its first 180 years.  Please buy our book The Cheated Generations in which we explain how and why you are being cheated and how, through our Universal Political Party, which is described in our book, you can put a stop to all of us being cheated.

   We are not soliciting nor accepting donations.  You are not obligated to buy our book.  However, it sure would help us if you do.  You can buy our book for $24.95 plus shipping and handling and taxes where applicable through any book store, or on the internet at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or through The Ellingsworth Press.

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The Universal Political Party


The Liberty System

is used by The Universal Political Party.

The Spoils System

is used by both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

A comparison of the Two Systems

The Liberty System            ​\

The Spoils System.

Candidates Soliciting Private Funds

Wealth of the Candidates

The Universal Political Party Platform

1. A recognition that God exists and that In God We Trust.

2. A recognition that we are to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

3. A recognition that we are to love our neighbor as we do ourselves.

4. A recognition that we are not to take the name of God in vain.

5. A recognition that we are to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

6. A recognition that we are to honor our fathers and our mothers.

7. A recognition that we are not allowed to kill other persons.

8. A recognition that we are not allowed to commit adultery.

9. A recognition that we are not allowed to steal what is not ours.

10. A recognition that we are not allowed to bear False witness against our neighbor.

11. A recognition that we are not allowed to covet our neighbor's wife or husband.

12. A recognition that we are not allowed to covet what belongs to another person.

13. A recognition that we as a political party, are responsible for finding qualified candidates for public office who have lived by the Ten Commandments and who will adhere to our party's platform.

That we, as a political party, are responsible for raising all monies spent on a campaign for any public office;

That no candidate may personally solicit nor accept political donation, nor from any state or federal taxpayer funds, nor use his or her own funds; and

That the party shall set up a budget as dues and assess each member a proportionate share of the budget and the party will not solicit nor accept political donations nor solicit nor accept taxpayer funds.

14. A recognition that party members will rely on the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution in structuring governments.

15.  A recognition that capitalism, with morality, will be the economic system advanced by this party.

16. A recognition that we, as a political party will rely on the 

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church for guidance.

 Assessment of Dues by Membership

Candidates Accepting donations

 Accepting Donations by Party

 Soliciting funds by Political Party

Candidates Soliciting Pubic Funds


Existence of God

The Cheated Generations